About The Projects
Title Date Download File Type
Mufti sahib's address about Simly Dam Project 9th Jan 2014 Download MP3
Mufti sahib's conference call about University Project 2nd Mar 2014 Download MP3
Agenda of University Project - composed by Hazrat Mufti sahib 5th Mar 2015 Download PDF
Challenges to Islam - A Different Perspective 15th Jun 2015 Download MP3
University Project Land Purchased - Conference Call 5th Feb 2017 Download MP3
University Project (PHASE II)
Need for a Model Educational Institution and Progress of Madani Memorial
2nd Apr 2017 Download MP3
new! Video Tour of University Land 14th May 2017 Video Tour Watch Online

University Project Progress
Description Goal Progress Deadline Status News / Links
new!Initial Land Purchase
220,000 USD 100 % - Completed
Land Purchase Deed
new!Land Expansion (PHASE II) 500,000 USD 5.4 % - Ongoing -

Last Update: 24 May 2017 @ 11:10pm