Conveying the teachings of Islam has always been the aim of Muslim scholars (akaabir) throughout the Islamic history. The ways they adopted to do so varied from place to place and time to time. They spent their whole lives teaching the true Islamic values, spreading Islam by showing high standards of moral conduct and strong character and serving humanity irrespective of race, cast and religion. To fulfill the same mission of serving humanity irrespective of race, cast and religion Madani Trust was established under the guidance and supervision of Maulana Mufti Muhammad Saeed Khan Sahib.

The objectives and goals of Madani Trust are:
a). To establish hospitals in rural areas with no access to medical facilities.
b). To establish schools and colleges that provide basic modern education which meets the need of the modern world, also maintains and promotes the ideology and spirit of Islam.
c). To serve the suffering and deprived masses by providing domestic, financial, medical, and educational assistance.


Currently Madani Trust offer following services:

Disaster Relief

In recent times, Pakistan has witnessed a lot of natural disasters including floods and earthquakes. The Madani trust has been at the forefront of providing relief to the victims including the basic necessities of life and helping them re-establish their lives. 10 Million Rupees worth of food aid has already been distributed to the flood victims.

Future Plans

To adopt a village and build permanent houses, schools, masjid and other necessary facilities so that people can get established and lead a stable and productive life.

Water Supply

Water, a basic necessity of life, is still in scarce supply in remote parts of Pakistan. Water wells and tube wells have been installed in various villages to provide easy access to water. Water management infrastructure is also built to supply water to each house. Though still insufficient, it becomes a great blessing during water shortage. Much more needs to be done.

Ongoing Relief

a). About 250 deserving families are sponsored monthly by donors.
b). Another 100 households receive monthly food rations and cash.

Alms-House (Langer Khana)

a). Free food is supplied three times a day to hundreds of destitute visiting from local and remote areas.
b). Over 150 flour bags are distributed to deserving families every month.
c). Basic personal needs and financial assistance is distributed to a large number of deserving families.

Al-Nadwa Trust

Working under the umbrella of the Madani trust, the Al-Nadwa trust aims to promulgate the values of peace and tolerance through education. Currently the trust is engaged in the following activities.

a). Building a school and masjid.
b). Establishment of a library. This remarkable library has more than 30,000 titles covering both the religious and secular fields. The library is visited by local people and visitors from abroad who receive free room and board. The library fulfils an important need for Islamic research that will hopefully enrich the lives of many and provide a basis for the revival of Islamic sciences and studies.
c). Printing monthly magazines: Al-Nadwa, Al-Hamid and Al-Munad.
d). Recording religious lectures and uploading them to the website. A wealth of Islamic knowledge including Tafseer, Seerat and Fiqh are available online for free at

Udhiya / Qurbani

Every year arrangements are made for performing Udhiya and the meat is distributed to countless poor and needy.

Ramadan Iftaar Program

Every year hundreds of people are provided free Iftar and Suhoor daily.

Summary of Programs / Services

a). Disaster Relief
b). Education
c). Food Distribution
d). Health
e). Livelihood
f). Water & Sanitation
g). Permanent Housing
h). Qurbani / Udhiya
i). Suhoor/Iftaar