Fatawa Questions
1907 > How can I get rid of Harām wealth/income? Can you please advice any wazifah وظیفہ for it?
حرام مال سے کیسے بچا جائے ، کیا آپ کوئی وظیفہ تجویز کر سکتے ہیں؟

1868 > Can a government impose tax on public and is it incumbent on public to pay it duly?

1867 > Is it permissible to get fake certificates to get a job? What about its income, will it be halal?

1805 > Is it permissible to get a job in a company which produces or deals with alcohol in دار الحرب Darul Harb?

1804 > Government confiscates all goods which are imported illegally in the country. Later, either they auction them or sell them for cheap. Can we buy these goods from them or is it be against the Shariah?

1796 > A person sells a motorbike for 40,000 Rupees on one direct payment to customers, and sells the same bike for 45,000 Rupees if the customer purchases it on monthly terms. Is this kind of business transaction in accordance with Shariah?

1728 > A person loans 5000 Rupees to a friend and asks that instead of returning the cash after a year limit you can give me equivalent amount of gold, is this kind of transaction valid in eyes of Shariah?

1721 > I found out that the shares I owned, incurred interest-based profits, I realized my mistake and therefore, sold the shares and gave all this profit to the rightful people. Is this act enough to rectify my mistake and how can I repent for it?
انشورنس پالیسی میں منافع کا سود معلوم ہو جانے پر کاروبار ختم کرکے پیسہ حقداروں کو واپس کر دیا، اب اس سود لینے کے گناہ کی تلافی کیسے کروں؟

1709 > It is a practice among government employees to mutually exchange government houses; allotted to them by the government; for some mutually agreed cost. Many a times, there are more rooms and space in the house for which it is being exchanged for. Is this type of transaction valid in the eyes of Shariah
گورنمنٹ کے ملازمین میں گورنمنٹ کے دیئے ہوئے گھروں کا کسی متعین رقم کے عوض آپس میں تبادلہ کرنے کا رواج ہے۔ جبکہ اکثر آپس میں تبدیل کئے گئے گھروں میں کمروں اور جگہ کا کافی فرق ہوتا ہے۔ کیا شرعاً ایسا کرنا درست ہے؟

1697 > Does a husband have rights over his wife's wealth?
کیا شوہر کو اپنی بیوی کے مال پر حق حاصل ہے؟

1682 > Is it permissible to take pension with government's surplus added to it?
پینشن میں گورنمنٹ کی جانب سے اضافے کا جائز ہونا

1679 > I'm a retired government officer, is it okay to take pension along with the surplus from the government?

1676 > A person says that he has spent the share of his daughter's inheritance for her marriage and hence, my remaining inheritance will be distributed among remaining children, is this correct to do so?

1658 > Is it persmissible to sell plots without knowing the exact location but only exists on paper?

1643 > There are 4 investors in a business (equal shares) and two of those investors have put some extra amount as a loan to the business, they receive interest on that loan other than the regular profit of their shares. Is it permissible for them to receive this interest on the loan amount?

1545 > If a person gives a loan to his friend, but forgets or refuses to take it back saying he doesn't remember any such transaction, the person who owes money is confused, what should be done?

528 > A woman deposited some money into the Bank. The Bank gave her a profit and the woman wants to donate that profit to a Madrasah. Her Husband says that the profit received is interest on the money and advising that it should be donated somewhere else but not given to a Madrasah. What should be done in this case?

508 > Does wasteful spending (being spendthrift) mean spending on things that are beyond basic necessities?

502 > Is it permissible to work in a bank?

493 > Dear Mufti Sahib Assalaamualaikum, I live in the UK. Me and my wife both work long hours to meet our expenses. We have several business ideas but do not have funds to start any business. As you are aware Islamic banking options are not available here. Can we obtain a loan from a bank here to start the business here and make sure to return the loan as soon as possible?

492 > Is it permissible to trade shares in the stock market?

489 > A person earns money from haraam sources, would it be allowed to borrow a loan from such a person?

488 > Is it permissible to consume the money paid as provident fund?

483 > Is it permissible to work for an organization that deals with interest? Most young graduates these days like to work for Banks.

448 > How would inheritance be distributed after a certain person’s death?

422 > It is permissible to purchase a tractor for farming, but what about the interest charged by the bank?`

356 > What is Qafeedh-e-Tahaan?

337 > A person is in dire need of money. He bought a buffalo from his friend for 120K which is normally priced at 100K and told him that he would pay for it after 3 months.(He is paying 20K more because he is getting it on debt and would pay off after 3 months). He goes to the Market and sells the same buffalo for 100K and uses the Money for his needs. After 3 months, he goes back to the original lender and pays off the 120K. Is such a transaction permissible?

323 > Sometimes people give me money at work since my job involves a lot of public interaction. Is it permissible for me to keep this money?

315 > Is it permissible to use health insurance and life insurance?

272 > I work in a private company, and I contribute an amount to my GP fund to which the company contributes the same amount. The total amount is then invested in a financial institution which pays interest on this. What part of this money is permitted for me to consume?

271 > Is it permissible to lease a car from an Meezan bank?

253 > I have received Rs 150,000 as prize bond including my principal and interest. What should I do with the interest part of it?

240 > Is it allowed to take loans from banks?

239 > Is it allowed to purchase Prize Bonds? What is the ruling on people who go for Hajj or 'Umrah with money from such bonds?

145 > Why is insurance Haraam in Shariah?

140 > A friend passed away owing lakhs of rupees of debt to me. Should I demand his children repay my debt?

134 > Automobile thefts are common, can I get auto insurance?

18 > My contract is ending in 2 weeks and there is no work assigned by the client. Can I work 7 hours and charge the client for 8 hours since there is no work?

17 > Is it permissible to buy Beema Policy?


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