Fatawa Questions
2235 > What is the name of the place where a person by name Naymathullaa Shah Wali lived?

2210 > The schools celebrate color day and the children get face paintings of some cartoons, apple, mango etc. Is it allowed to apply such face paintings? It can be washed off quickly though.
پاکستان کے اسکولوں میں بچوں کے لئے کلر ڈے کو منایا گیا جس میں بچوں کے چہروں پر کارٹون اور مختلف پھل بنائے گئے جو باآسانی پانی سے دھل جاتے ہیں- کیا اس طرح کرنا شرعی اعتبار سے ٹھیک ہے؟

2204 > What is the reward for taking care of an orphan child?
یتیم کی دیکھ بھال کا کیا اجر و ثواب ہے؟

2201 > How should the Quran be taught to kids?
بچوں کو قرآن پاک کیسے پڑھایا جائے؟

2186 > What is the significance of giving گُھٹی to a new born baby from a pious person?

پیدائش کے بعد بچے کو گھٹی دینے کی کیا حیثیت ہے اور ترجیحاً کس سے دلوانی چاہیے؟

2185 > Is it a Sunnah to give Azaan in new born baby’s ear?

پیدائش کے بعد بچے کے دائیں کان میں آذان دینا سنت ہے یا نہیں؟ کیا بائیں کان میں اقامت دینا بھی سنت ہے؟ کیا کان میں آذان دیتے وقت "الصلاة خير من النوم" بھی پڑھنا چاہیے یا وقت کے مطابق آذان دینی چاہیے؟

2184 > Should we give preference to feeding milk to a crying baby or pray Namaz first? (Even in Fajr namaz when there are around 40 mins for congregation or to make up for it)

فرض نماز کے وقت دودھ پیتا بچہ اٹھ کے رونے لگے تو اسے دودھ پلائیں یا اسے رونے دیں اور نماز پہلے پڑھیں ، خصوصی طور پہ فجر کی نماز میں 40 منٹ ہوتے ہیں قضا اور جماعت کے وقت کے درمیان؟

2113 > Who is responsible to take care of the well being and bear all expenses of a kid whose mother has passed away?
ایک خاتون کا انتقال ہوگیا اور ان کا چھوٹا بچہ ہے ، اسکی پرورش کا حق کس کو پہنچتا ہے اور اسکے اخراجات کون ادا کرے گا؟

1863 > What does Shariah say about inviting people to celebrate after circumcising kids?
ختنے کے بعد دعوت دینے کی شرعی حیثیت کیا ہے؟

1672 > Is it permissible to hit kids as تعزیر or تادیب in order to teach them discipline during their upbringing?

1623 > A couple has two kids of aged 2.5 & 1.5 years old, are now expecting a third baby (one month pregnant), can they go through abortion as they fear that they wont be able to upbring three children in a most desirable manner (Ahsan tareeqe sey) & also due to financial restraints? What is the Shariah viewpoint on this? 

538 > We named our child Muhammad Waleed Raza. Can we keep this name? Can we give keep double names / lengthy names?

510 > What is the meaning of Usayrim?

506 > I want to name my child Muhammad. Is there any issue with it?

471 > My children are afraid to sleep in a certain bedroom at home. Sometimes some noises can be heard in the room. Please suggest a solution for this.

417 > We want to change our daughters name from Aaisa to Khadeejah. Is this advisable?

393 > What is the meaning of Arsh, as a childs name?

363 > Does a person's name has any impact on his life or personality? If so, then up to what extent?

341 > Is it a bid'at to organize a "Bismillah" celebration on the occasion of children beginning their reading of Quran?

340 > Is it permissible to shave the head of a new born child using an electric razor?

327 > What is the meaning of Muhammad bin Bilal?

314 > What is the meaning of Usayram?

304 > Allah Ta'ala has used the words of 'Rabb', 'Raaziq' and 'Maula' on some occasions to refer to others, apart from Himself. Why do the Ulama forbid people from naming their children with such names?

276 > What is the Shara'ee method of protecting children and adults against 'nazar'? Are the methods suggested in the book 'Bahishti Zewar' (Heavenly Ornaments) authentic?

265 > How old does a child need to be to start doing hifz of the Qur'an in your school?

250 > Is it allowed to name a child Zaraar Abdullah?

244 > Is it allowed to determine the sex of an unborn child using ultrasound?

241 > What is the meaning of Rumaisah?

200 > Do very young children need to make wudu for touching and reciting the Quran?

159 > Shall I get my children vaccinated?

154 > Please mention the rights of step-mother and step-children in detail?

149 > My child gets affected by evil eye, can you please advise any way of protection?

6 > What is the meaning of ‘Abdun Nabi? and is it permissible to have such name?

2 > Is it permissible for an immature (na-baaligh) child to give Azaan?


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