Fatawa Questions
1905 > Can we recite or listen Quran Majeed in the state of impurity? 

1873 > What is the maximum duration to cleanse oneself of unwanted hair?

1849 > Is Kerosene oil (مٹی کا تیل / Mitti ka teyl) paak or na-paak?

1848 > Can we pray Namaz with same Wuzu which was made for Namaz-e-Janazah or Sajdah-e-Tilawat?

1847 > If a person who is in state of impurity, puts his hand in the bucket of water, does it make the water impure (na-paak)?

1846 > During shower (ghusl), what is the ruling if the water splashes onto the bucket of water. Do they make it impure (na-paak)?

1786 > We have a dog which we keep unleashed most of the time. Many a times, it runs to us while we are praying and rubs against our clothes. Does touching of dog invalidates Namāz?

1777 > What are the rulings of Namāz & Fasting after going through abortion? What about the Ahkāmāt of حیض after abortion?

1772 > A lady whose regular menstruation cycle is from 4 to 5 days but sometimes it lasts for 6 to 7 days, in such case what are the rulings of praying Namāz?

1771 > Is it a sin if someone mistakenly recites Durood Shareef or any other form of Zikr in state of impurity?

1762 > I have fallen into doubts شبہات about mainting my wuzü وضو due to couple of reasons. What should I do in such case?

1718 > Is it permissible for someone to go for toilet if there are animals around who have clear sight of the person doing such act?
کیا جانوروں کی موجودگی میں بغیر پردہ رفع حاجت کی جاسکتی ہے؟

1695 > Is it correct to wipe on regular socks to make Wuzu (وضو)?
  کیا وضو کیلئے جرابوں پر مسح کرنا جائز ہے؟ 

1670 > Is it okay to perform Wudu by washing each part of the body one time instead of three times in order to save water and time?

1555 > What is the correct method of doing Tayammum?

532 > If someone wears impure clothes after making ghusl (full bath), what should be done?

531 > When does Air be considered as impure / putrid (Napak)? Does inhaling or going through such air affects wudu or make our clothes impure?

418 > Does looking at a ghayr mahram woman break wudu?

357 > What did Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi waSallam do when ghusl was fard/obligatory on him?

355 > Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi waSallam stated in a Hadith, that the ears are part of the face. What is the meaning of this?

326 > Is it permissible to just scrape off the impurity from something that has become unclean (napaak)?

322 > We do not have slippers at work, so is it permissible to wipe over our socks in wudu.

262 > A lady went through her monthy cycle and then took some medicine which caused the period to occur again. Is this considered a valid monthly cycle by Shari'at? Maulana Riffat Qasmi sahib has written that this kind of cycle is not considered as a valid cycle by Shari'at.

91 > If I take shower, do I have to make wudu again?

68 > I forgot to rinse my mouth and nose during 'ghusl' (ritual bath) and realized this lapse after dressing up. Do I have to perform the whole 'ghusl' all over again?

67 > A new type of 'water-proof, breathable, close-fitting' socks is now available in market under the brand name SealSkinz®. These are made of two layers of fabric which sandwich a water proof film (middle layer). Is it permissible to perform 'masah' (wipe over) on such socks while making 'wudhu' (ablution)?

66 > Will fabric be purified if water is thoroughly poured on the impurity?

65 > What is the preferred posture for performing 'ghusl' (ritual bath)?

64 > Is the small amount of saliva that runs down from mouth while sleeping pure?

63 > What is the right way of performing ablution ('wudhu') on wounded hands or feet?


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