Fatawa Questions
1866 > When is backbiting (غیبت / Gheebat) permissible or forbidden?

1844 > Every now and then, we have scrimmages in our neighborhood related to family matters and I never calm down until I take revenge from my enemies (neighbours)? What should I do to control myself?

1826 > Does falsehood / telling lies fall under the category of "Fisq"?
کیا جھوٹ بولنا فسق کی تعریف میں آتا ہے یا نہیں؟

1824 > Is it wajib on a nonage kid (نابالغ) to answer the salaam of an adult? What about other way around, is it wajib for an adult to answer the salaam of a nonage kid?

1823 > Is it wajib to answer the salaam of a person if we hears it through loudspeaker or radio?

1714 > Fetching water for someone is a good deed, if someone is busy with work can he ask someone else to fetch water for him?
ایک شخص کا دوسرے سے پانی کا یہ کہ کر طلب کرنا کہ پانی پلانا ثواب کا کام ہے، جبکہ دوسرا شخص کسی کام میں مصروف ہو، کیا ایسا طرزِ عمل ٹھیک ہے؟

1706 > Is it a sin to sleep while one's feet are facing towards Baitul Maqdas (Al-Aqsa Mosque) بیت المقدس?
کیا بیت المقدس کی جانب پاؤں کر کے سونا گناہ ہے؟

1619 > What does Shariah say about the concept of Freedom of Speech?

523 > Is it permissible to say Salaam or respond to female co-workers in our office?

520 > In this age of sins and trials, what is the easiest way for a person to become a servant of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta'ala)? How much does a person control oneself and how much is he controlled by the shaytan’s whisperings?

515 > I used to work for a family and they removed me from work. They were distressed because of me. I want to ask for forgiveness but they do not want to meet me. What should I do?

490 > Is it permissible to take money for preparing thesis / academic project for an another student?

468 > Is it permissible to pray while another person is sitting directly in front?

461 > On which occasions do we say Salaam or not greet one with Salaam?

447 > Under Islamic rule, how would the people who insult the Sahaabah ikram (RadhiAllahu Anhum) be dealt with?

431 > I'm a research student and want to know if it is permissible for me to get my assignments done by someone else and submit it?

430 > Laughing too much deadens the heart, can you please explain?

408 > We are constructing a home which is taking very long as we are short on cash? There is no watchman there as well. Do I have to read ayat-al-kursi inside the home in order to prevent the Jinn from living there?

389 > When one’s deeds will be weighed, which deeds will weigh the most and which sins will weigh the most?

365 > If a person asks for forgiveness from one he has wronged, and that person does not forgive him, will Allah Ta'ala forgive such a person?

279 > Under what conditions is it permissible to cut off all relations with another person?

273 > How should we save ourselves from the evil of the eyes?

237 > In the Jum'uah bayaan, the importance of maintaining family relations was mentioned, that we should never cut ties with family members. However, my brother and his wife do not talk to me nor do they respond to my messages. Despite many attempts to get along, they seem not to care. Their actions hurt me a lot, what should I do?

190 > When a person thinks superior of oneself, consider others inferior and becomes imposing and abusive, what is the remedy to fix such behaviour? Can you please advise any literature on this issue?

163 > What are the requirements for attaining Allah's love?

139 > Can you please advise any Wazeefa to stop quarreling and arguing at home?

135 > What is the difference between Maslihat and Munafiqat?

86 > What are the benefits and virtues of reciting Ayat ul Kursi?

85 > Sometimes I get infected with Jealousy, although I try not to. How can I overcome these feelings?

5 > Iss terha kehna kay “Allah Ta’ala nay fulan paishangoee ki hai”, durust hai?

4 > Is it waajib to say Ta’ala or any other attribute upon hearing the name of Allah in any gathering (majlis) ?

3 > Is it OK to recite Salawaat -o- Salaam standing in front of or near the grave of Rasulullah ?


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