Contributions / Donations / Qarz e Hasana

Madani Memorial Inc. serves humanity without any discrimination on no-profit, no-loss basis. Operational and development expenses are met by donations from general public. Madani Memorial Inc. DOES NOT seek any kind of support from the government at all. Sole purpose of this policy is to ensure freedom from any influence that may ruin the mission of Madani Memorial Inc.

We have made arrangements for Qurbani in Pakistan this year. If you plan to participate, please notify us with your names as soon as possible. Donations can also be made through cheque or any other authentic financial transaction method. Donations must be made payable to "Madani Memorial Inc." name and dispatched to the mailing address below. Madani Memorial Inc. issues receipt for every rupee/dollar collected from contributors. Prices are as follow:

a). e-Transfer | Check | Cash Payments

1. US$250 / each goat
2. US$120 / each share in cow

Please donate via email:

Write your checks to:
Madani Memorial Inc.
3085 Rosefield Drive,
Ann Arbor, MI 48108-9119

b). Payment via Paypal (please select Eid-ul-Adha Qurbani from the dropdown list)

1. US$255 / each goat
2. US$125 / each share in cow

Paypal: Please select the type of donation & submit.

c). For donors residing in Pakistan can send donations directly to the following bank account as a direct deposit:

Account No: 06027901319503
HBL (Habib Bank Limited)
CDA Civic Center Branch
Islamabad, Pakistan.